Harrison J Maurus is a young Olympic weightlifter in the united states (USA) with promising talent. He was born on the 26th of February in 1999 and whilst his core focus is on weightlifting (clean, snatch and jerk) he has also entered a number of powerlifting competitions.

harrison maurus weightlifting

harrison maurus weightlifting

Harrison started out in gymnastics at a very young age and was very strong and coordinated. His coach Kevin Simons of Alpha Strength Conditioning stated during an interview that “it was apparent early on that Maurus was athletically gifted.”, however his coach went onto explain that Harrison was never going to score high because his lines weren’t great and his structure was poor for gymnastics.

Kevin thought about how he could utilize Harrison’s strength and coordination and after Harrison watched Kevin run through his CrossFit routine, Harrison decided to start weightlifting. He was only 11 years old at the time and in 6th Grade at school. At his first powerlifitng meet (the Washington State Powerlifting Championships) he was just 12 years old and weighed 47kg (102lb) and he successfully totaled 262.5kg (579lb) from his max squat (100kg), bench (50kg) and deadlift (112.5kg). Before the age of 14 he could squat 200kg raw which was equal to three times his own body-weight which firmly sits him in an elite class of lifters.

Harrision then switched to focus on Olympic weightlifting as he prefers the feel, speed and believes he can progress much further with olympic lifting. Harrison Maurus is currently a youth athlete for the United States of America and whilst his is not currently listed on www.usaweightlifting.org, he appears on their YouTube channel. Harrison Maurus currently competes in the 69kg weight class. Harrison is expected to attend the 2014 Young Pan American games held in Lima, Peru on the 7th-14th of May in 2014. Recent videos demonstrate that Harrison can clean and jerk 131kg (289lb) and snatch over 100kg (225lb). Below is a video of Harrison at the USA 2014 national championship.


Shorthand stats Born: 1999 Bench: 100kg+ Squat: 200kg+ Clean and jerk: 131kg+ Snatch: 100kg+

    Update December 2015

Harrison has made great progress over the last year and very recently has managed a 171kg (376lbs) Clean and Jerk at the American Open (2015) and a 136kg snatch at the Trident Open (2015).

Videos below: