Who is J.M Blakely?

JohnMark Blakely is a powerlifter most famously known for inventing the JM Press. The term was actually coined by Louie Simmons and George Halbert of westside barbell whilst he was training there. It was one of the only triceps exercises that JM Blakely did and he credits it for building all of his triceps strength for bench pressing.

jm blakley

JM Blakely in the 90s

JohnMark competed in the early 90s and  was a bench press specialist. He holds 6 world records, is a 4 time world bench press champion and was also the 11th man in history to bench 700lb (raw). JM Blakely was well known for being able to quickly gain and lose bodyweight. He was notoriously well know for drastically changing his bodyweight and competing in different weight classes within months of each other. The well known powerlifter and strength coach Dave Tate from Westside Barbell recalls how this ‘dude’ could just magically go from 198 to 308 and back to 275. When Dave Tate asked him how does he gain weight so easily, JM told him to come outside and simple explained that he needed to stuff his face with Mcdonalds, chinese and pizza etc. He listen and a few months later he grew. Continue reading