Angelo Samarripa, a 20 year old Samoan weightlifter and wrestler attempted to benchpress 725lb at Aloha Festival in Minneola on the 4th of October 2014. He was attempting to beat the current unassisted world record bench press of 722lb held by Eric Spoto at a SuperTraining Gym meet in 2013.

Nicknamed “The Beast”, Angelo Samarripa talks about the importance of mental strength over physical strength. However, it is extremely surprising that Angelo Samarripa would risk benching this weight when struggling with 400lb, especially given the high risk of injury. For example,¬†Scot Mendelson was injured in March 2013 when attempting to press¬†716lb raw.

Watching footage of the festival, I expected that the entire lift would be assisted, but instead we got to watch the bar drop on his chest and fail. Not only once, but twice! Luckily he did not get injured but its hard not to cringe at his feeble attempts.