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My History

When I started lifting weights my core focus was around building strength. I opted for the core compounds exercises with some accessories to assist. Bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips and rows were always the focus. I did shoulder press some weeks but often sub-maximal effort, as training your deltoids too hard or too soon before heavy bench pressing will reduce in your ability to max out and If I didn’t lift increase my bench on the day I selected, even gutted was not the word. Because of the way I trained, although I gained some fantastic mass, my body was certainly wasn’t built for aesthetics. A wide back, a wide chest, strong traps, smallish arms and little legs. (I trained legs hard but the lack of volume showed). Whilst I tried to add volume and isolation exercises to my workouts, It wasn’t until I fell ill and lost strength that I really accepted I should stop focusing on flat barbell benching.