Training your posterior deltoids, also known as or rear delts, is extremely important for shoulder health and achieving a balanced physique, even if you aren’t training for aesthetics. They are often neglected by amateur bodybuilders and powerlifters alike as they are often overlooked and require some isolation. You’ll find many people who neglect to isolate their posterior deltoids for a number of years end up with shoulders hunched towards their strong pectoral muscles and if left to worsen over time this can lead to variety of issues and even effect the shoulder girdle.

The posterior deltoids play an critical part in transverse extension (the lateral movement away from the mid-line of the body in a horizontal plane) as the latissimus dorsi also know as the lats are extremely weak in a strict transverse extension.

The reat delts are critical for bodybuilders attempting to achieve the bolder shoulder look. And you’ll often see people who using drugs such as steroids to manipulate their endocrine systems end up with extremly juicy deltoids.


high delt rows


rear deltoid dumbbell flies


cable crossovers

face pulls


rear delt machine flies

Exercises should be alternated and you should never use poor or sloppy form. Its suggested to train your rear delts twice a week to bring them inline if they are lagging. A split where the rear delts are trained on a back specific day and later in the week on a shoulder specific day is often the best course of action. I’ve personally trained for strength for many years but due to earlier shoulder problems and a lack of knowledge I neglected them. The good news is, if like me, you manage to neglect them in the past, they will explode after a few months of strict training.

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