HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and as the name suggests, it is a form of cardiovascular exercise where the participant alternates short bursts of fierce anaerobic exercise with a less intense exercise such as walking. HIIT is very popular with athletes, fitness, models and bodybuilders looking to lower their body fat percentage without loosing muscle mass. HIIT is often performed for 20-40 minutes max and not as frequently as other forms of cardio such as LISS (Low Intensity Steady State), this is because HIIT has a much higher impact on joints, muscles and recovery.

Examples of HIIT Cardio:

  • Cycle at a casual pace for 60 seconds then flat out for 30 seconds, repeat 25 times.
  • Jog for 60 seconds then sprint for 30 seconds, repeat 20 times
  • Swim for 2 laps then flat out for 1 lap, repeat 15 times.

man sprinting for HIIT

HIIT is often seen as a more effective method of cardiovascular training and more mentally stimulating. However, it’s also more mentally challenging and has a much higher impact on body. Anyone looking to add cardiovascular training to already intense training schedules may want to increase their calories and stick to lower intensity and lower impact exercises or else they may risk burning out.

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Benedikt Magnusson currently holds the world record of 1015lb (460kg) for a raw deadlift. The deadlift was set at the Ronnie Coleman Classic in 2011 with a conventional stance using true Olympic plates.

Interestingly, the lift also currently higher than the equipped world record held by Andy Bolton who lifted 457.5 kg (kilograms) / 1,009 lb (pounds). With raw deadlifting world records you can only use a weightlifting belt. No wraps, hooks, straps, suit etc. However, most people do not deadlift with weightlifting suits as even when fully equipped with a weightlifting suit it may only add around 20-30lb Max (approximately 12.5kg) which when lifting 1000lb is a couple of percent.

Some men have lifted heavier, however these world record breaking lifts are discounted based the fact they are merely lockouts using specialized strongman equipment and the bar moves a couple of inches at best. Mark Felix for example, an experienced Strongman lifted 1128 pounds at the 2013 Arnold Strongman using the tire deadlift equipment.

There are currently a number of very heavy raw deadlifters who may look to set a new all time powerlifting raw deadlift record before the end of 2013 such as Brian Shaw. However, only time can tell and its extremely hit or miss when it comes to peaking 1000lb deadlifts in heavy strength cycles.

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LISS cardio stands for Low Intensity Steady State cardio. As the name implies, it is a steady cardiovascular form of exercise where you where you keep your intensity low but your effort consistent. LISS takes on many different forms such as slow jogs and is excellent for losing weight. LISS is used by bodybuilders, fitness models, athletes and people looking to lower their body fat percentage. By keeping your your intensity low (approximately 65%) for long periods of time your body is encouraged to use fat stores. LISS is often performed for 30-60 minutes, twice or more a week.

Examples of LISS Cardio:

  • fast walks or slow jogging
  • hill walks or incline on a treadmill
  • moderate swimming in a pool or the sea
  • walking up large sets of stairs or stair stepper machines
  • using a cross trainer or elliptical machine
  • steady rowing or rowing machines
  • steady cycling or using an exercise bike

man jogging

However, low intensity steady state cardio is sometimes criticized as it may cause higher muscle wastage compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise used for weight loss. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for example is also know to be very effective and can help to increase muscle retention. However, LISS can be carried out much more frequently than HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio and is much less likely to have an impact on other training. For example, a weightlifter could use an exercise bike 5 times a week for 30-60 minutes with very little impact on their tendons, joints, muscles, and energy levels that would usually be impacted by weightlifting. Unlike weightlifting, low intensity exercises are also much less likely to cause injury.

Some people may find LISS training easier as it’s less physiologically intense and is not as physically demanding. Anyone older who is exercising or fears repeated injury, should start with a low intensity form of exercise and allow the body to strengthen before moving onto more intense forms of cardiovascular exercise. However, one of the biggest complaints about low intensity training is that it can be extremely boring and for busy people it takes a significant amount of time to complete.


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Brian Shaw has just successfully deadlifted 985lb / 448kg whilst training for the 2013 Worlds Strongest Man (WSM) competition. Brian was focusing on single rep deadlifts during the WMS workout and after warming up he started his first single at 725lb / 330kg. Admittedly I was surprised he managed 985lb given his height (6ft 8) and the speed he got from his earlier lifts in the clip. Brian Shaw is edging ever so close to the overall world record raw deadlift of 1015lbs / 461kg currently held by Benedikt Magnusson. It certainly looks like he has potential to take the world record deadlift, but in order to qualify he would need to lose the straps and ensure he doesn’t hitch at the top of the lift (easier said than done.)

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If you’re struggling to decide on what cheat meal to eat then you’ve come to the right place. This post is here to offer you inspiration for your next dietary binge. (Without getting into debate about macro nutrient splits, if there is really any need for cheat meals if you’re following something like IFFYM (if it fits your macros) or whether some of these really constitute cheat meals.)  For those of you not wishing to go full bulk mode, I have split the list into two sections; full cheat mode and what ‘could’ be considered healthy. Lets start with the full cheat mode though, I’m not someone who likes to do things by halves.

Full Cheat Mode

All You Can Eat Buffet

Why not eat yourself into a food coma? Probably the most cost effective way of stuffing yourself silly. I have fond memories of eating chilled watermelon and chocolate cake between plates full of chicken curry and duck rolls. Chinese, Indian, Italian, Brazilian, Mexican and international restaurants etc all make great choices.

Peaking Duck

The only bad thing about these is the amount of labor that goes into perfectly distributing the crispy duck, spring onion etc and sauce before making that perfect fold.


Who doesn’t like cake? Chocolate cake, Carrot cake or Victoria sponge it’s all dam tasty.


Personal favorites being Pizza Express chicken or Waitrose roast vegetable pizzas.

Healthier Cheat Meals

If you’re looking for relatively healthy cheat meals, I suggest the following:

Homemade beef burgers

In a lovely wholemeal bap/roll with cheese, lettuce, onions and a flavorsome condiment.


Great on the go, high in protein and relatively healthy. I often opt for a wholemeal foot long chicken breast sub with cheese, salad and ranch sauce.


Cheap, relatively quick to prepare and taste great.

Steak, chips and peppercorn sauce

You can always exchange the chips for Sweet potato or new potatoes, but then again, that wouldn’t be cheating would it?

Ice cream milkshake

Calorific liquid’y goodness. It’s also very easy to add whey protein.

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