Harrison J Maurus is a young Olympic weightlifter in the united states (USA) with promising talent. He was born on the 26th of February in 1999 and whilst his core focus is on weightlifting (clean, snatch and jerk) he has also entered a number of powerlifting competitions.

harrison maurus weightlifting

harrison maurus weightlifting

Harrison started out in gymnastics at a very young age and was very strong and coordinated. His coach Kevin Simons of Alpha Strength Conditioning stated during an interview that “it was apparent early on that Maurus was athletically gifted.”, however his coach went onto explain that Harrison was never going to score high because his lines weren’t great and his structure was poor for gymnastics.

Kevin thought about how he could utilize Harrison’s strength and coordination and after Harrison watched Kevin run through his CrossFit routine, Harrison decided to start weightlifting. He was only 11 years old at the time and in 6th Grade at school. At his first powerlifitng meet (the Washington State Powerlifting Championships) he was just 12 years old and weighed 47kg (102lb) and he successfully totaled 262.5kg (579lb) from his max squat (100kg), bench (50kg) and deadlift (112.5kg). Before the age of 14 he could squat 200kg raw which was equal to three times his own body-weight which firmly sits him in an elite class of lifters.

Harrision then switched to focus on Olympic weightlifting as he prefers the feel, speed and believes he can progress much further with olympic lifting. Harrison Maurus is currently a youth athlete for the United States of America and whilst his is not currently listed on www.usaweightlifting.org, he appears on their YouTube channel. Harrison Maurus currently competes in the 69kg weight class. Harrison is expected to attend the 2014 Young Pan American games held in Lima, Peru on the 7th-14th of May in 2014. Recent videos demonstrate that Harrison can clean and jerk 131kg (289lb) and snatch over 100kg (225lb). Below is a video of Harrison at the USA 2014 national championship.


Shorthand stats Born: 1999 Bench: 100kg+ Squat: 200kg+ Clean and jerk: 131kg+ Snatch: 100kg+

    Update December 2015

Harrison has made great progress over the last year and very recently has managed a 171kg (376lbs) Clean and Jerk at the American Open (2015) and a 136kg snatch at the Trident Open (2015).

Videos below:

Russian powerlifter Andrey Belyaev has just set a world record deadlift of 391kg (just over 862lb) in the 90kg / 198lb class. It was set at the Russian 2013 “battle of champions” Archangelsk and replaced a 30 year old deadlift record previously held by Ed Coan, one of the most respected powerlifters of all time.

Andrey Belyaev shirted up

Andrey Belyaev shirted up

Andrey Belyaev deadlifts with a wide stance also known as sumo stance. Andrey opened with a 360kg deadlift before following on with 381kg and the world record of 391kg. The lift went up very well and he appear to have much more in ‘the tank’. Debatably the lift looked like many other powerlifters openers. He was all set for a final attempt of 400kg but unfortunately failed. However, I expect he will beat his own world record soon and take 400 kilograms / 882 pounds at his next meet if correctly prepared.

Here’s a video of the world record:

Powerlifter Scott Mendelson

Powerlifter Scot Mendelson

Scot Mendelson (commonly mistaken for Scott Mendelson) is currently recovering from a bench press pec tear injury that occurred on the 24th of March 2013. The incident happened whilst he was attending the 2013 SPF (Southern Powerlifting Federation) March Madness Powerlifting meet hosted at the SuperTraining Gym in Sacramento California. (SuperTraining Gym is a well known strength gym that often streams lifting meets over the internet.)

After warming up on the bench and blasting out some impressive singles he decided to take an attempt at 716lb (approximately 325kg) which would increase his own world by a single pound. However during his attempt mid way pressing the 716 pound barbell from his chest, he quite visibly manages to tear one of his pectoral muscles.  The video below displays quite graphically the moment his pec tears.

I suggest skipping to 2:46 if you’re keen to see the point at which his pec lets go.

Further information about Pectoralis Tears

The pectoralis muscle is made up of 2 parts, the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The large pectoralis major is attached to the humerus (arm bone) by a tendon which under extreme conditions can cause a partial or complete tear which requires reattachment. A “pectoralis major rupture” or pec tear for short, causes tremendous pain, swelling and bruising and will often severely reduce your mobility and strength. There are 4 types of rupture and depending on the severity and type of pec tear, they can take several weeks, several months or may never repair (although this is extremely rare). Its advised that you quickly attend hospital as scar tissue can build up and depending on the severity of the rupture X-rays are often used to determine the extent of the tear

About Scot Mendelson (AKA Scott Mendelson)

Scot Mendelson, is a well know American powerlifter, who specializes in the bench press. He stands at 6ft 1 in tall (185cm) and tends to move between 270-360lb (122-163kg) depending on the competition class he enters.) He holds multiple equipped and raw records in a range of powerlifting federations such as the the APF – American Powerlifting Federation. Scot already held the world record bench press in the class at 715lb but regrettable decided to take a run at beating his all time bench record at the meet. He is also very active on-line and often posts on bodybuilding.com Misc forums.

Since the incident occurred, Scot has released a photo of his pec injury that severely bruised his entire upper body.

Scot Mendelson appears to be showing off the severity of his tear in hospital

Scot Mendelson appears to be showing off the severity of his tear in hospital