Benedikt Magnusson currently holds the world record of 1015lb (460kg) for a raw deadlift. The deadlift was set at the Ronnie Coleman Classic in 2011 with a conventional stance using true Olympic plates.

Interestingly, the lift also currently higher than the equipped world record held by Andy Bolton who lifted 457.5 kg (kilograms) / 1,009 lb (pounds). With raw deadlifting world records you can only use a weightlifting belt. No wraps, hooks, straps, suit etc. However, most people do not deadlift with weightlifting suits as even when fully equipped with a weightlifting suit it may only add around 20-30lb Max (approximately 12.5kg) which when lifting 1000lb is a couple of percent.

Some men have lifted heavier, however these world record breaking lifts are discounted based the fact they are merely lockouts using specialized strongman equipment and the bar moves a couple of inches at best. Mark Felix for example, an experienced Strongman lifted 1128 pounds at the 2013 Arnold Strongman using the tire deadlift equipment.

There are currently a number of very heavy raw deadlifters who may look to set a new all time powerlifting raw deadlift record before the end of 2013 such as Brian Shaw. However, only time can tell and its extremely hit or miss when it comes to peaking 1000lb deadlifts in heavy strength cycles.

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