When looking to drop body-fat, it can be hard deciding what foods to eat. Balancing nutrients, calorific density, cost and food satisfaction can be difficult, but just remember you can always follow IFFYM and eat what you like within reason. From my personal experience of cutting, this is my favorite selection of foods:


Florets Of Broccoli

Florets Of Broccoli

Low in calories, tastes good (although I’m sure that’s an opinion), an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, a great source of fibre and very filling. Broccoli is always the first thing that comes to mind when I think about cutting.



Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is an absolute life saver as it tastes fantastic, is packed with vitamins & minerals and most importantly, carbohydrates. Sweet potato is easy to prepare and store away in the fridge and I often consume sweet potato as part of my pre or post workout meal.




Oily Fish

smoked mackerel

smoked mackerel

Another fantastic tasting food with high biological value (BV) protein and fantastic source of omega fats. I often opt for smoked mackerel in the morning and Salmon for lunch. I love wild salmon although it can get expensive.

Tinned Tomatoes

Low in calories, taste great and can bulk up any meal! A fantastic food to add to the mix.

Brown Rice Pasta

Contrary to popular belief, I personally think you should always eat a fair share of carbohydrate. Your body still needs, carbohydrates. When low on carbohydrates I have certainly experienced bouts of mood swings.


Spinach is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Many people are deficient in Zinc, which is how zinc can optimize testosterone levels in the body.


fat protein, don’t have to be dull either. Mixing up boiling, poaching, scrambling and frying. Again, a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. Also extremely easy to repair

Sugar Free Jelly – extremely low in calories

Certainly last, but not least, sugar free jelly from Hartleys is the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth who desperate to head off-track on their cutting diet.The only downside is the Jelly can take a good few hours to set! I for one get rather impatient.


Bonus – Spices and Seasoning!

Spices and seasoning can make or break a cut in my opinion. If you’re planning on eating clean then you need to mix things up to keep your taste buds happy. You’ll soon lose the will to eat if its BLAND.